Coffee Stencils

Author: Gifted From The Heart   Date Posted:11 October 2018 

How to get the most out of your coffee stencils and have your speciality coffee looking like they have been made by a Pro-barista every time!


Best results are achieved if you fill the cup with foamed milk just below the brim.
Rest the coffee stencil carefully on top of the brim for stability and dust all over with a finely granulated chocolate powder in a shaker with medium sized holes.
It took us a few tries with different chocolate powders and different shakers to find the ones that gave the best results.
If you hold the stencil too far above the foamed milk it allows the chocolate powder to disperse more as it travels through the cutwork design and the resulting pattern will be less sharp.
Resting the stencil on the rim also steadies your hand and minimises movement.
Once your design is evenly applied carefully remove the coffee stencil lifting straight up away from the cup.
Wash the stencil in warm soapy water and rinse with cold water to remove any residual powder.
Dry thoroughly and store flat to maintain its shape.

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