Gratitude is the Attitude!

Author: Gifted from the Heart   Date Posted:5 March 2019 

Brighten your days and spread positivity with our Gratitude Jar! A gratitude jar is a wonderful way to focus on the many good moments that fill our days and helps to steer our thoughts from the barrage of negativity that surrounds us on social media and news platforms. Beautifully personalised!


What is a "gratitude jar" and why we should use one? 

It seems like we are surrounded by bad news everywhere we look.

The news feed on TV and our social media are all filled with disasters on both a large and small scale and we are constantly barraged by awful stories from the most remote corners of the globe. Gloom and doom every time we power up a device. 

It has been shown in the research that anxiety and depression is on the rise amongst all age groups . This is a world-wide phenomenon. It isn’t limited to our street, our neighbourhood , our state or even our country. 

This worries me as an individual but it worries me so much more as a mother.

You see, our kids live their lives on their mobile devices- laptops, ipads and the ever present mobile phones. Which means that they see this negative narrative constantly. 

I read somewhere that the greatest weapon we have in our safeguarding our mental health is choosing our thoughts wisely. This resonated with me. We can choose to look at, and focus on those dark and awful news stories or we can choose to refocus  and shine a light on the good and positive things  in our lives. 

I know that sounds a really big task but it can be as simple as  very small  daily or weekly ritual or habit.

For years now I have tried to help my kids with looking for joy and light in their day- every night at dinner we each share our “three good things” about our day. They don’t have to be great achievements or world changing events. They can be as simple as being grateful for a lovely meal cooked for them or sunshine on their face on the way to school or a kind word from a friend. All those tiny little good things add up! 

So last year we had a tough year. Not massive big disasters but seemingly many little small scale challenges and hardships that just wore us all down  little by little. Wow, were we happy to see the end of 2018! 

So over the Christmas break I made a gratitude jar for my desk.  My idea was that each time we have cause to celebrate we pull out one of the little tags inside and write down our good thing and drop it in the jar. Once again, I am not talking Nobel Prize winning type occasions….as simple as  a girls lunch or coffee with lovely friends or getting joy meeting a strangers puppy on the beach, finding some lovely sea glass,  watching rosellas on our bird feeder whilst we eat brekky,  or one of our fabulous  kids coming home from university for the weekend!  All good positive events. I bought a fab pen to drop inside and added a bunch of blank cards ready to collect our good moments. 


At the end of the year (or hey, before then if we are having a really bad day) we will pull out all the little tags and review our pile of golden sunshine! 

My plan is that at the end of the year I will buy a cheap and colourful little  notebook and glue the tags in to make a collection of all of our highlights and to clear the jar ready for the year ahead. 

I can see this jar is going to bring us much joy in the years to come. 

So we know that life is full of challenges and celebrations …. moments good and bad. 

Life is good not perfect , right! 

Our gratitude jar is not about having no hardship or having a perfect "instagrammable" life  but simply about choosing to focus on our blessings.

It is only the very beginning of March and already we have a lovely collection  of positivity.

We are so excited to have just launched our range of gratitude jars  on  Gifted from The Heart which can be personalized for an individual or a family to share!

Each jar includes  a collection of 20 assorted cardstock tags for you to begin recording your joyful moments. 

Additional packets of  assorted sized, colour and shapes memory tags are also available on our site.

These jars make a wonderful gift  for birthdays or Mother’s Day.  Just add your personalization details on the order page and make a start in recognising and collecting your precious positive moments. 


We would love to see your wonderful memorable moments so please feel free to add a  photo of your tag below in the comments section before you drop it in your jar!

We are really excited about our Gratitude Jars and to share the love and excitement the first 30 jars sold will get a free packet of assorted paper plowers to add to your tags and brighten up your memory- just like the ones below ! 

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