Saving the planet...One gift at a time!

Author: Gifted from the Heart   Date Posted:10 November 2018 

A few simple changes to our gift wrapping can make a meaningful change in the world!

Saving the planet….one gift at a time!

Be the change you’d like to see in the world. 

I love that our children teach us important lessons in life. 

Thanks to my talented and environmentally aware daughter, I recently discovered that all those  colourful glossy mass-produced  Christmas wrapping papers are not recyclable. This led me to think about how many millions of rolls of scrunched up wrapping paper end up in our landfills every year. 

All those amazing natural resources going to waste as whole forests are cut down to produce the wrapping paper we use once, hastily tear off the gift and then throw away.

I don’t know if you agree but sometimes the media hype around the state  our planet and pollution problems  including  climate change seems such an enormous problem it seems impossible to even know where to start to tackle the damage that has been done.  

I am adopting the old strategy  of  a million small seemingly inconsequential changes can add up to enormous change. (Just like the old adage.....How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! )

This year I am reverting to the old traditional brown paper wrap. It is cheap and can be found in any discount store. This can safely be recycled and will therefore help cut down on the forests being harvested and the amount ending up in landfill. The paper that is recycled will be repurposed into coffee cups and packaging , recycled paper and a million other uses .  It Is such a small and simple change but I am inspired by the thought that if a number of people adopted the same strategy it could indeed lead to a measurable difference. 

So instead of spending loads on those glossy single use rolls of wrap  I am investing in some beautiful quality ribbons which I will be able to re-use each year. I have a small storage box  and I have saved some empty toilet rolls which will help to keep each ribbon wrinkle free and ready for easy use year after year.

I have another little storage box to house my new collection of reusable wooden gift tags.

I have purchased a lovely personalized wooden tag for each of the people that I usually gift to each year and after they have opened their gift I will collect the tags and store them safely until next year. 

I love this new tradition and I hope that it will inspire our kids to be mindful of protecting our natural environment as well as becoming a treasured  part of our annual celebration and traditions.

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