Keepsake Tin Range - Coming soon

Author: Kathryn   Date Posted:23 June 2023 

Keep your precious memories gathered safely. Celebrate your pregnancy or the birth of your new baby with our gorgeous personalised keepsake tins. Now with FREE printable cards to include.

We are really excited by the  upcoming launch of our personalised Keepsake Tin range.

But “What is a keepsake tin?” I hear you ask.

So many of life’s milestones and the special relationships we cherish are worth remembering & celebrating. Small momentos can hold huge significance and emotional connection. Keeping this in mind we developed the Keepsake tin range to safely gather & store our precious keepsakes.

The range includes designs to celebrate life's moments, the life of a loved one, Love, Pregnancy, New babies, favourite pets and more.

Which relationships can be celebrated with a Keepsake Tin?

Partners, love in all its forms, Grandparents/Grandchild, Godparents/ Godchild, Siblings, parents/children, pets, friendships!

So keep an eye out for our blog posts for inspiration on how to use the various themed tins and what you can include in each!

There are even printable FREEBIES you can access on purchase of the tin!


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