How to use sound modules

How do I use my Capture the Moment sound module?


Turn the sound module over so as you are looking at the reverse side (with the black switch).


Remove the small plastic tab by pulling out and this will allow the battery terminals to touch and activate the module.


There is a small switch that slides right and left.


When in the “R” position the device is in record mode.

Hold the module as close to the sound source as practical and then squeeze the front and back together.

The module will record continuously for 30 seconds (maximum) or until you release the pressure.


Move the switch to the “P” position to check what you have captured and playback.

If you are not happy with the recording simply repeat the process by switching back to “R” position.


Once you are pleased with your capture move the switch to the “P” position and leave it there.


The captured sound will remain on the module.


You can replace the battery and the capture remains. The module takes 3 x button cell (LR44) batteries.


If your capture is particularly valuable and of great sentimental value, we recommend that you tape over the switch once set to playback to avoid accidentally recording over your capture.